Elize Hiiop

I have always believed that the use of different materials and techniques gives creative freedom. This knowledge has brought me to work with glass, various metals, wood and plastic, clay and porcelain. Clay is such a nice and tactile material that it simply cannot be put aside. At first, it is soft and allows to express everything that fantasy creates, but after the firing it becomes so durable that it takes centuries before it gets back into the sand. Creating is a responsibility but also a very exciting journey.
In my work, I mainly focus on porcelain, which enchants with its light and delicacy. I create small jewelry series and enjoy the process of carving out the beauty from the piece of material. Orders and workshops are an important part of my daily work. I have a large number of students whose talent has started to blossom. To work in the cozy ceramics studio in the Old Town is a pure pleasure for me and everyone who enters through its door.
Since year 2000 I've been actively taking part in more than 40 exhibitions in Europe, South-America and Asia.  

Founder of TEKE Ceramics Gallery.