Kadi Hektor

What fascinates and inspires me the most is nature - nature that has created so many charmingly beautiful and strange forms and structures, textures and systems. I prefer to observe and explore nature very closely and, if possible as well from the inside. My goal is not to copy nature, but to let my subconsciousness synthesize and mix these impressions before creating my own organic forms. You could say that my artistic style balances between abstract and figurative, functional and decorative.
I was born in Tartu in 1976 and studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts (1998-2002). After graduating from school, I have worked as a freelancer in my own pottery studio Saviklubi, where in addition to my creative work I have organized and supervised ceramics courses and workshops. I have had several solo exhibitions since 2002 and have participated in many group exhibitions in Estonia, Europe and Asia. Since 2009, my work has been selected by curators for major international exhibitions and I have received several grants for my creative work. In 2010, I was elected the Ceramist of the Year nominee by the Estonian Ceramics Association. My works can be found in public and private collections.