Rita Randmaa

Having been involved in ceramics for more than 20 years (since 1998), I am not yet familiar with this material. There is so much to learn because technology is constantly evolving. I am especially interested in the form and techniques of clay - specifically with clay, not so much with glazes. In my master's thesis (2013) I studied old techniques with colored masses, such as nerikomi, sgrafiito, Mishima and others. I am happy that I earned the maximum result with my master's thesis in ceramics, and now (since 2015) I have the opportunity to teach at the university myself. I often use casting and stuffing molds in my work. The challenge I love most is when my so-called "mother model" is complicated enough to take the mold. I like to experiment with clay and for that I was also recognized at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2002.

I am a member of the Estonian Ceramics Association (since 2004) and a member of the board since spring 2021. At least once or twice a year I take part in a ceramics exhibition. Exciting exhibition trips have been to Finland (2006), Denmark (2014) and China (2017).

Founder of TEKE Ceramics Gallery.